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November 2007



Dried Pepper and Sesame Rolls

Dried Pepper and Sesame Rolls (makes about 20)

For the dough:

500g (4 cups) whole wheat flour
20g ( 2 Tbsp.) dark rye flour
360 ml (1.5 cups) water
2 dried sweet red peppers, chopped (if you can’t find any, try dried tomatoes)
2 Tbsp. tahini
2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. sugar
1 pkg. active dry yeast

Place all the ingredients into your bread machine (in that order the manufacturer recommends) and let the machine do the kneading and rising for you. Or make the dough by kneading with your hands. In that case, start with proofing the yeast (mix yeast, water, and sugar and let sit for 15 min.) and add the other ingredients. Use more flour if the dough is to sticky or more water if it’s to dry) Let rise for one hour.

Preheat the oven to 200°C (400°F)

Roll the dough into a rectangle 2 cm (3/4 inch) thick and spread the tahini onto the dough.

For the filling:

1-2 Tbsp. tahini
1 Tbsp. yellow and black sesame seeds
1 tsp. onion powder

Sprinkle with sesame seeds and onion powder and roll into a log shape, staring with the longer side of the rectangle. Cut the dough into equal rolls and place on two baking sheets, lined with parchment paper. Let rise for another 20 minutes and bake for around 15 minutes until golden brown.



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