Vegan MoFo: Paris

We spent most of our France vacation in the south of France, in Aquitaine to be precise, but we also made a trip to Paris. We took the train from Dresden to Frankfurt and from there to Paris, where we stayed two nights.

I don’t have to tell you that Paris is beautiful, you probably all know that. Our visit there was way too short! We didn’t make it into any museums, but we walked around and had a look at some of the most famous places and buildings.

On our first evening, we went to see the Eiffel Tower, which is impressive both at night and day.

The Eiffel Tower at sunset
And from the river Seine.

For dinner we had a falafel at Maoz, in the Rue Xavier Privas. The falafel was awesome, but unfortunately I didn’t take a picture. After we’d finished, we walked to Notre Dame, which was very close and admired Paris at night.

Moon over Paris
Street lights at Notre Dame

We started the other day with a walk to Montmartre. It was a very cold but also sunny day as we climbed the stairs up to the basilique Sacré-Cœur.

The secret stairs to Sacré-Cœur. Nobody else was there.
Enjoying the beautiful view
Sacré Cœur - front view
And from the back

We had a coffee at the Cafe des deux molins, which you might recognize as the place where Amélie worked in the movie Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain.:

There are lots of pictures of Amélie.

The cafe was fun. From time to time some young tourists (and Amélie fans) stormed in, but most of the guest seemed to be from the neighbourhood.

And we made a sightseeing tour on a boat, which Shellyfish had recommended. And she was right, it gave us an awesome overview of Paris!

The Louvre
The Seine
Notre Dame

We ate lots of stuff from the grocery store: fresh baguettes, tabouleh, and soy yoghurts.I have to admit that when on vacation, I don’t care much about food. Mind you, this doesn’t mean I eat non-vegan food. It only means, most of the time we grab some stuff from a grocery store, sit on a bench, munch on our food, and enjoy the surroundings.

For lunch we went to Loving Hut, which is a vegan fast food chain. We went to their restaurant on the boulevard Beaumarchais. On their menu we found a mix of Asian and European dishes. The staff was very friendly and as soon as they realized how poor our French was, they gave us an English menu. P. had the soupe pho (vegan pho soup) and I chose the crêpes aux champignons & salade composée (savoury crêpes filled with champignons in cream sauce and a salad).

Soupe pho, 9.50 €

The soup came with two kinds of faux meat: seitan and tofu, and with additional soy bean sprouts, Thai basil, and a lime. P. liked it a lot.

My crêpe was delicious as well. It was filled with mushrooms and the same faux meats:

Mushroom filled crêpes with salad, 11.50€

All in all, the Loving Hut is a nice restaurant with reasonable prices and very friendly staff. Paris has some other vegetarian and vegan options which we’d like to try out another time. If your budget is tight, you can find great vegan options in any supermarket: lots of tabouleh salads, soy patties, soups, baguettes, soy yoghurts and lots more.

I am really sad we only spent two days in Paris. Unfortunately I won’t have time to be at the vegan day in Paris at the end of the month, but I will return for sure.

39 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo: Paris

  1. I love French supermarkets! So many delicious soy yoghurts, burgers etc to choose from :)

    Your pictures look great – I’m glad you enjoyed your holiday! I’ve been to Paris twice, but both were very short trips so I’d love to go again one day and see more of the city.

  2. Beautiful photos. Thanks for giving me a chance to relive my visits to Paris (it’s been 9 years since I’ve been). I wasn’t a vegetarian when I was last there, so it’s good to know there are plenty of options now, because I do plan to go back sometime.

  3. The pics are just beautiful! I´ve been to Paris this May and can totally agree with you about the supermarkets – I didn´t eat out a single time, just went into the supermarket and grabbed a prepared bulgur salad etc. so fresh andd yummy. But on my next trip in spring I will definitely try out the Loving Hut! Thanks for the hint :)

    have a lovely wednesday
    xoxo Mel

  4. Beautiful photos – sounds like you had a really good time! I feel so silly that I never visited Paris when my sister lived there: I was so busy with university that year, but now that I think of it, I should have found at least one weekend to go. Oh well, I hope I’ll get the chance to visit soon! :) The food looks great as well.

  5. I don’t live that far from Paris but I’ve never really visited the city. Can you believe that? I’ve been passing by, a few times already. I have seen the Tower, in 5 minutes, between two train rides. Last years I had the excuse that’s to hard for a vegan in France: I would be starving :-). But hey, you changed my mind. I should go someday and take my time for Paris.

  6. Gorgeous photos! That mushroom crepe looks killer. I feel the same on vacation… sitting on a bench with some bread is usually enough with all the food for your eyes.

  7. Beautiful photos! And what fun to be in Amelie’s cafe! (I must watch that again…)
    I was interested that you were able to get such good vegan food in Paris and that there are other vegan options. I’d always thought of France as being unrepentently meaty! Glad you had such a good holiday. :)

  8. Such spectacular photos. I’ve never been to Paris and it sounds beautiful and exciting. It’s funny that you ate in two places that I’ve eaten in here. We love Maoz in South Florida, and Loving Hut in Seattle is a place we enjoy a lot.

  9. Your photos are gorgeous, especially the one of the Eiffel Tower with the clouds overhead.

    And I did that boat tour, it was great for photos. And I had no idea there was a Loving Hut in Paris!!

  10. Paris is beautiful…I visited many years ago, and it really does meet up to all expectations. Looks like you found some really good food there too!

  11. I was already thinking of Amélie before you even mentioned it! Probably cause I just watched it like last week.

  12. What a beautiful post!! Oh my gosh I loved Amelie so much, I saw it in the theater 3 times. I’d LOVE to visit her “work”! Looks like you’re having a great time. Keep those gorgeous pics coming!!

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