Vegan MoFo: Fast Food in Dresden

This year I went to two really great events. And at both they had vegan fast food!

The first event  is called the Schaubudensommer, where lots of singers, actors, cabaret artists, puppet players, etc. perform. It is a wonderful event and I look forward to it every year!

Schaubudensommer programme - lots of good stuff to choose from

If you enter the schaubudensommer, there are lots of tents for the artists performing their shows. It’s like an animal-free circus. Imagine Dr. Parnassus!

a scull. 100 % vegan

Another great this year was a booth with vegan catering. The garden of vegan catering made sure vegans and non-vegans alike didn’t have to starve.

burger options

And boy did I want that steak burger! P. and I shared one and I can assure you, it was the best burger I’ve ever eaten!

juicy soy steak, fresh vegetables, crispy sesame bun

A couple of months later I went to a local art exibition featuring many young artists from all over the world. The Ostrale takes place in an old  slaughterhouse. Yeah, I know. I feel very uncomfortable when I enter the rooms, which still have names that tell you about the cruel death of so many animals. It’s weird and scary to be there. But I still go there because of what it is today, a great place to get inspired, entertained, and educated.

By the way, the address of this slaughterhouse used to be slaughterhouse five and Kurt Vonnegut named his novel after this place.

And now a huge exibition takes place here every year. You can see some of the works here. And the best thing about this exhibition is that they also have vegan food, provided by the already mentioned catering.

me and my burger

Unfortunately they didn’t have any steak burgers, but this veggie burger wasn’t bad. My friend ordered dhal soup:

pretty dhal

So if you’re out having fun in Dresden, you don’t have to starve.

21 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo: Fast Food in Dresden

  1. Cool! I see that Mintzkov played at the festival. They are from Gent and my boyfriend knows them. By the way: ‘Slaughterhouse 5’ is one of my all time favourite books.

  2. That vegan steak burger looks amazing! Do you by any chance know what brand the seitan steak is, or did they make it themselves? In any case, those are some great vegan options.

  3. The veggie steak burger looks incredible – you never know what you will find! I agree, visiting a slaughterhouse would be a bit eerie for me, too.

  4. Two burgers! I think I’ll take the seitan one, please! Man, I love all the sesame seed action there, every bite gets you a whole lot of sesame seeds!

    The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus was some freaky stuff! :P

  5. You know, I always think of Vonnegut whenever we mention Dresden. Reading “Slaughtehouse Five” was honestly the first time I’d heard of it (yeah, that was a looooong time ago). Vonnegut is one of my very favourite contemporary American writers, may he rest in peace.

    Anyway – the food! That first festival looks like it’s in July -is it? Maybe we can come next year? It sounds so fun.

  6. I love veggie burgers. I wish more places around here offered them. The seitan steak burger sounds looks delicious. Schaubudensomme sounds like a lot of fun! Right up my alley.

  7. hooray for the best seitan steak burger – it looks marvelous and oh-so delicious, Mihl! schaubudensommer sounds so cool, and hooray for vegan options there and at the ostrale. that is crazy creepy that the exhibition is held in an old slaughterhouse (interesting on the address being the one Kurt Vonnegut named his novel after) – i would have felt uncomfortable, too. both the veggie burger and the dahl soup look might yummy though, but that seitan steak blows them both outta the water. mmmmmm!

  8. hej, it was great to read this entry because two years ago, i spent a year in dresden to do my studies and i’m a huge fan of the “schaubudensommer” and i also liked the ostrale a lot. besides i really can understand what you mean, when you’re describing the atmosphere in the old slaughterhouse because it’s really a strange feeling walking around inside. did you know, that morrissey even cancelled a gig, he wanted to play there once, because somebody translated the name for him?!
    i’m always looking forward to my next visit in dresden and its really cool, that there are always vegan options, even on special events.

  9. That seitan burger looks amazing!
    Lot’s to do in Dresdon, how nice. I get how it would be uncomfortable to go into an old slaughterhouse. It’s weird how the past and history of a place can linger on there and you can feel it.

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