Oat Waffles

It took me quite some time to get my vegan waffles right and I blame our waffle maker. I had to find out that it hates a batter that is too liquid and has too much sugar. Your waffle iron is probably totally different from mine so feel free to adapt the recipe to your needs.

Oat Waffles (makes 4 regular waffles)

120 g (1 1/2 cups) oat flour
80 g (2/3 cup) all-purpose flour
50 g (1/4 cup) sugar
2 tablespoons flax meal
2 teaspoon baking powder
1 pinch salt
240 ml (1 cup) almond milk
60 g (1/4 cup) soy yoghurt

Preheat and grease your waffle iron. Sift together flours, flax meal, baking powder, and salt. Add almond milk and yoghurt and stir until no lumps remain. Cook according to manufacturers instructions. (For me medium heat and longer cooking time works best.)

36 thoughts on “Oat Waffles

  1. Where do you find oat flour in Germany? Or do you just grind oat flakes with the food processor?
    p.s. I just found your blog and it’s amazing I can’t decide what to try first!!

  2. Sehr lecker, vielen Dank für das tolle und einfache Rezept! Mann und Kind haben reingeschaufelt, ohne zu fragen, was drin ist (mein Mann ist sonst eher skeptisch veganen Gerichten gegenüber).
    Allerdings musste ich ein paar mal üben, um die Waffeln am Stück aus dem Waffeleisen zu lösen – werd’s beim nächsten Mal tatsächlich mit mehr Flüssigkeit versuchen.

    1. Mein Waffeleisen meckert da auch immer rum. Ich schmiere so viel Fett an das Eisen wie möglich und fette nach jeder Waffel nach. Danke fürs Ausprobieren!

  3. Funny – I’ve actually had a major waffle craving too, kind of random! This recipe looks really delicious – I love the use of almond milk and flax meal (which is something I’m trying to incorporate into my diet on a daily basis). Thanks for sharing!

  4. These look great! I have a waffle maker but have despaired of ever getting it to make a waffle that won’t stick to it and fall apart. In my darkest moments I worry that I, and not my waffle maker, am the problem.

  5. I love the word, “waffle.” It seems to contain the squish of forking off a piece of fruit or syrup soaked waffle. At least to me it does. And oat waffles are my favorite. Back when I lived in Philadelphia, long before I was vegan, we used to occasionally go to a deli for waffles and ice cream. The soft, hot waffles paired with the cold, smooth ice cream (usually peach) was the best dessert.

  6. Beautiful blog. I’m a sucker for well composed food photography. Do you have a flckr account?
    I’ve got to go out and buy a waffle maker now… just what I need, another food appliance in my tiny NYC kitchen…. sigh.

    I’ve added you to my blogroll by the way!


  7. I just recently made oat waffles for the first time, and they were the best ever! So crunchy on the outside & fluffy on the inside. Perfect! These look delicious.

  8. I’ll take waffles over pancakes any time. I love the shape of yours! the waffle iron I have here is disappointingly unpretty.
    also, Willow just fracked with the mouse and I thought the comment would suffer from premature postulation. good thing it didn’t!

    1. This kind of waffle iron is the most common and most inexpensive kind we can get here in Germany. I’ve always wanted one for Belgian style waffles but just cannot afford it. Tell Willow to leave the mouse alone.

  9. What a fantastic recipe! I was led to believe that my waffle maker doesn’t like batter either – so I’m definitely giving this recipe a try. :)
    ~I’m at Happygoluckyvegan.blogspot.com

  10. I’m off to buy a waffle iron! Low fat? Oats? They’re pretty much a health food! :)

    I’ve avoided waffles because of the fat (and a desperate need to lose weight), but the family’s in for a treat! Thanks!

  11. Wow thanks for doing the legwork! Been looking for a relatively simple on-hand ingredients waffle recipe and this sounds wonderful!

  12. I love using oat flour so I’m thrilled to see it in your perfected waffle recipe. In Toronto waffles are brunch fare and we’re into maple syrup season. Now, I’m craving a Sunday morning and a house full of waffle-eating friends.

  13. they look gorgeous and sound great too. I haven’t quite mastered the art of waffles yet. I’ve had my waffle iron about a year but don’t use it all that often. I need to keep trying!

  14. That looks like an awesome recipe. I’ve been craving waffles too, and have never had oat waffles. This weekend in Maple weekend in NY, so to celebrate, I might have to try this recipe- thank you!

  15. Ooh, I love dense, sweet waffles. I will have to try your recipe. Flatmates or not, I bet you would have no problem serving these to guests who stop by.

    What cute heart-shaped treats!

  16. Yum! I love waffles. I don’t eat them very often, because my waffle maker is not as awesome as I would like, but I do love to eat them.
    And half a pound of butter?? No wonder you felt sick!

  17. these waffels taste wonderful and I used soy flour and the oat flour and they taste wonderful , kerstin

  18. It’s not that I don’t read your blog often, it’s just that I can’t keep up! You’re an unstoppable machine of awesome looking vegan baking. I’ve not even heard of oat flour before, but I definitely want some of these!

  19. I love waffles & yours are so damn cute! The first ones I ever made were the ones from The Joy of Vegan Baking & they turned out so well that I’ve always been too scared to try other waffle recipes! These look so good though & I love oat flour so I might just have to make these next time.

  20. I’ve been having major waffle cravings lately, too. I’m sure if my waffle iron made heart-shaped pieces, I’d be more inclined to make them more often. ;) Thanks for sharing your lower fat recipe; it sounds delicious.

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