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June 2011



Dragging myself out of the hole with chickpea flour

I found a magical ingredient to help me out of that food rut I mentioned in my last post. It’s almost as good as Asterix‘s magic potion. Okay, it won’t enable you to throw around 20 Romans per second, but it will help you create good food!

Last week a post by Andrea reminded me of River’s awesome Spanish tortilla recipe. Like many other recipes, I had seen the tortilla, bookmarked the link, and forgotten about it. Fortunately Andrea had not and her post was full of praise. And I have to agree with her. Potato tortilla is one of the foods I dearly have missed after going vegan. And this even though I haven’t eaten it very often. But when I ate it, it was on a special occasion. As with so many foods, my love for tortilla de patatas is not so much about the food itself but more about the memories connected with that food. Back in 2000 for example, when I was studying in Oslo and P. was studying in Madrid. I visited him there and we had huge breakfasts with gazpacho and potato tortilla. Awesome times! And now I feel tempted to throw together a gazpacho, heat up some tortillas and pretend we’re in Spain!

And since we are speaking of chickpea flour: I also made my favourite crêpe recipe of all times! It’s the chickpea crêpes from The Voluptuous Vegan. They are so easy to throw together and cook! For the filling I fried an onion, added smoked tofu and cremini mushrooms, 2-3 tablespoons of coconut milk, some lemon juice, salt, pepper, and fresh parsley. So thank you chickpea flour for bringing me back on track!



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