Strawberry Pumpkin Seed Milk

When I was a kid, I loved strawberry milk. The best thing about this milk was that we never had to wait for strawberry season to drink it. It didn’t contain any strawberries. It was just some pink powder that I had to blend with milk. Although it was only fruit sugar mixed with flavourings, I was crazy about this stuff.

One day I visited my best friend and we went to pick strawberries from a field nearby. Our village was surrounded by strawberry fields. I still “blame” this for the fact that I am a huge strawberry addict. If I had to choose what to eat on a daily basis, it would definitely be strawberries. We picked a big bucket and on our way home my friend told me about fresh strawberry milk. I was really exited to try it. When we returned to my friend’s place, we begged her mother to make us strawberry milk. And she did indeed make a huge glass for each of us. I never finished this glass. I was so disappointed. That was real strawberry milk supposed to taste like? It was bland! It tasted weird. It was not very sweet. My taste buds told me that without additional sugar and without strawberry flavouring, strawberry milk wasn’t worth the trouble.

Now that I look back I feel very sorry for my probably seven-year old self. Although I ate strawberries every summer, I grew up to think that strawberry milk hat to taste artificial and way too sweet.

When I came home to my parents (who had always given me the weirdest looks when I requested another box of the pink stuff), I told them about the awfully bland strawberry milk. They didn’t hesitate to embrace the opportunity and told me about the wonders of modern chemistry and what it had done to my taste buds. When they told me that my favourite strawberry milk powder never had come near a single strawberry, I felt betrayed. Although this experience didn’t make my stop adding the pink powder to my milk, I never thought of it as strawberry milk again. So I guess I have to thank the artificial powder (which is vegan, just in case you wanna try) for making me appreciate real fruit and real flavour.

This strawberry pumpkin seed milk is just a suggestion. Please adjust the amounts of lime to your liking and add some sweetener if you like. For a raw version, you could also replace the soy milk with homemade pumpkin seed or almond milk

Strawberry Pumpkin Seed Milk

240 ml soy milk (1 cup)
150 g (1 cup whole) fresh strawberries
30 g (1/4 cup) pumpkin seeds (pepitas)
juice of 1/2 lime, or more to taste
handful of fresh mint or lemon balm leaves, optional

Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. (I used my immersion blender).

23 thoughts on “Strawberry Pumpkin Seed Milk

  1. Me and my sister used to love pink powder (AKA Nesquick). What I find strange looking back is that my mum used to let us have it! She was always so against sugary/artificial things, I guess it’s because she thought the milk made it ‘healthy’?!

  2. Your strawberry story reminded me of my similar experience with “orangeade.” Eeww. Your current version of strawberry milk sounds delicious.

  3. Oh man, I used to love that stuff too! Maybe not as much as you. :) That reminds me of bubblegum milk as well…I loved it! (Gross, I know) Didn’t last long on the market though…go figure.

    I think I’ll have to make something like this before the strawberries stop being abundant!

  4. We never had the pink powder, we always used the ‘pink cow’ syrup. I used to adore that stuff, but it may also have to do with the fact that I envisioned a field of pink cows somewhere. I haven’t had it in so long that I wouldn’t be able to say whether I still like it or not, but the thought of artificial strawberry syrup just seems gross to me now. I still wish that pink cows existed though :)

  5. Mmmm, childhood delicacies… Wasn’t that “pink stuff” of the same genus as my beloved pink cotton candy??? You are treading on holy ground here!

  6. Mihl, did you ever made nutmilk only with pumpkin seeds? I need to try this out soon, I made hazelnut milk few days ago, it was sooo tasty(made also chocolate milk with it, YUM!).
    I love strawberries too, we had a small strawberry “field” in our garden as I was little. And I loved strawberry milk, but I didn’t have the “pink powder” so I only knew the “real” flavor(my mother always used sour milk, the taste is better this way, maybe you like to try strawberry milk with soy yogurt?)
    As I tasted the “pink powder” milk first time I didn’t like it at all! :-)

    PS. Statusbericht: Kuchen fertig, sieht gut aus, mache gerade Bilder. :-)

  7. When I was younger I always vastly appreciated artifical tastes to the real ones, but now I can’t stand that fake strawberry or cherry taste… blame it on shifting tastebuds I guess?

    This sounds awesome! And just in time for the end of strawberry season!

  8. I absolutely adored the pink powder as well when I was little!! It troubles me to think how much of that stuff worked its way into my diet as a kid. Even though I haven’t had it in years, I can still remember the taste so vividly. Real strawberries? What a brilliant idea! The color is perfect too.

  9. It is amazing how our taste buds adapt. When I first switched from sweetened nut butters to natural, I found the flavour really disappointing. Now if I tasted the sweetened kind it is like cake frosting to me. I’m glad I made the switch and gave myself time to adapt. I’m sure your natural version of strawberry milk is sensational. As soon as berry season hits here I will give it a try.

  10. Oh, I think German strawberries are And I lived in Northern California–strawberry capital of the US–for fourteen years. The strawberries here are just spectacular. Mmm.mmm.mmm. And now I will just have to try strawberry milk. Our garden strawberries are just about ripe, too.

    And, I always seem to have these lame expat questions…but here’s another…what sort of stick blender do you have? Mine is a cheapo and not terribly effective, and I find my food processor doesn’t get nuts and seeds particularly fine. I have been thinking of getting a blender, but it’s really a pain to research appliances online in a foreign languange, especially when Küchenmaschine could be one of three things! (Why doesn’t German have different words for blender, food processor, and mixer? Rhetorical question, I know…I would love to get a Vitamix, but sheesh! they are crazy expensive in Europe!)

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