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September 2011




Maybe you heard the news already. Tamasin Noyes and Celine Steen are working on a cookbook about sandwiches. And I am one of their very happy testers. When I first heard about the project I thought something like: “Sandwiches? How many recipes will be in there? Five?” It’s not the author’s fault that I had such twisted thoughts. Here in Germany sandwiches are nothing special. We eat lots of bread, so sandwiches are usually a part of breakfast. They are often very simple: some fat, some cheese or cold cuts, or some jam. You can also eat them for lunch. You probably won’t make those yourself. Instead you can buy them at a bakery or some snack booth. They are usually made of a piece of baguette, fat, lettuce and some other vegetables, cheese or cold cuts. I think that’s mostly it. If you are a vegan you can skip the sandwich options anyway and get yourself some naked bread rolls instead.

I know that in the USA sandwiches are a completely different story and a complex topic. As far as I know there are many different options to choose from. Still I was very surprised when I saw the first recipes on the testing site. If you ever thought sandwiches wouldn’t be an appropriate topic for a cookbook, this book is most probably going to change your mind. The sandwiches I tested so far were not just sandwiches. At the same time they were snacks, main dishes, international dishes, classics or something completely new. Personally I like the fact that the book includes a couple of bread recipes as well. Since I love bread making so much, these loafs were the first recipes I tried. The first thing I made was this brioche:

I have tried a couple of vegan brioche recipes before. This one was definitely my favourite. It’s as rich and buttery as the real thing, if you need a comparison. And the best part? You can already find the recipe on Celine’s blog. (Plus, my picture doesn’t do this awesome bread any justice. Go and look at Celine’s gorgeous pictures instead. They will be in the book, too!)

Another bread I made was this green sandwich loaf:

And of course I had to make this cinnamon swirl loaf:

All of these breads can be used to make sandwiches from the book. I didn’t make them because the loaves were gobbled down faster than you can say bread.

I seem to have specialized in making the recipes that aren’t sandwiches, but are used for them: seitan, tempeh bacon, and this absolutely amazing cheese:

It’s firm and creamy. Perfect on its own but also fantastic when grated and used as a pizza topping for example (There will also be a recipe in the book).

Speaking of cheese, this is a Welsh rarebit. I never had one before and didn’t know what to expect. Who would have thought that something so simple as a bun with baked cheese sauce would come out so delicious? Of course, you will say, because everything with baked cheese is quite awesome. If you prepare the sauce in advance, you can make yourself a very easys and quick snack or lunch with this one.

This crispy chicken sandwich was great, too! The really wonderful thing about most of these sandwiches is the fact, that you can make them from scratch. Except for the bread in this one every single element can be made on its own and you don’t have to rely on store-bought stuff. If you want, you can though. I used storebought seitan strips for the chicken.

For this Navajo Taco the bread recipe is included. I cannot tell you how much I love fried bread! I used to eat a boatload of lángos every time I visited Hungary. I didn’t even know that such a thing as the Navajo Taco existed and I am so glad that I now do!

Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the chickpea shawarma I made. Where I live, shawarma is a very common fast food. But I never ate one because it’s usually made with meat. I know that chickpeas don’t sound like the most traditional ingredient for shawarma, but then who doesn’t jsut love chickpeas? So no shawarma picture, but a picture of another wrap: these Kati rolls. They were another thing I never had heard of before. Indian street food you say? Sold!

And now something for the tofu and/or eggplant haters among us. I know you are out there. I tell you, this marinated eggplant tofu recipe will convince you to apologize to poor tofu and eggplant for ignoring them before! The hardest part about testing these was the fact that I had to really keep myself from snacking on each of the ingredients all the time.

I also tried a recipe for a meatball sub. At first I thought that it was pretty weird and inconvenient to put meatballs into a sandwich. I was sure it was going to get messy and I would dump half of the sandwich onto my belly. Well, I didn’t. Instead I went for seconds.

Last but not least, I said dessert, didn’t I? How about some absolutely scrumptious oreo waffle sandwiches?



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