Not Really Wordless Food

Sometimes I don’t know how to start a blog entry. Sometimes I don’t know what to say. Sometimes I don’t know how to translate my excitement for a new recipe into words. So let’s start with a picture.

Last Sunday when it was grey and rainy outside, we made this really wonderful Not-Mutton Mushroom Curry. We caramelized the onions in two teaspoons of oil and used about two tablespoons of additional coconut milk because we are addicted to creamy curries.

This is my recipe for smoked tea infused tofu. We used two tablespoons of teriyaki sauce instead of the soy and jerk sauce and served this with grilled vegetables and grünkern polenta. (equal parts of regular polenta and smoked spelt).

I am addicted to cardamom spiced coffee. Every time I grind some coffee in my mill, I add one or two cardamom pods. And since I am as addicted to muffins, I made these cardamom streusel muffins. I think I might have added a tiny bit too much of the spice. But I am getting there.

 A couple of years ago finding certain kinds of vegan chocolate in Germany was almost like finding gold in the streets. Now it seems like the market has exploded. Several German and Austrian companies make wonderful soy or rice milk chocolates with all kinds of add-ins. A couple of days ago I found a couple of bars, for example this white chocolate with dark chocolate sprinkles and dried cherries. I have to admit, it tasted a bit soapy too me.

I used to be a white chocolate addict, now I cannot get enough of the dark stuff. I recently tried one that had 100 percent cocoa. I once had a 100 percent baking chocolate and was expecting lots of flavour and lots of bitterness, too. But nothing like that. Very flavourful and mild, more like a good bar with 80 percent cocoa content.

19 thoughts on “Not Really Wordless Food

  1. I feel the same way about beginning some blog posts. I’ve written many beginnings to blog posts over and over again, and sometimes pics are really just the best way to go.

    And I’m really, really jealous that you have gotten a hold of vegan white chocolate… you know if it can be purchased online?

  2. You may be at a loss of words to start your post, but seeing the photos leaves me practically speechless. :) The mushroom curry sounds perfect but so does everything else. I used to put cardamom into everything but I must have forgotten about it. Now I think I might start doing it again. Too bad the beautiful chocolate tastes soapy — a problem with white chocolate sometimes. I’m a fan of dark chocolate, and 80% is my favorite.

  3. I think I’ve tried that brand of vegan white chocolate & I didn’t love it, my favourite by far is the Plamil Organic white chocolate bar.

    1. I never tried Plamil, thanks for the tip. We have a GB/US shop here. And they started carrying Montezuma chocolate. I had to think of you and the care package you sent me.

  4. soapy or not, that white chocolate looks amazing! at first i thought it was full of cookie crumbs which would be good, but chocolate & cherries is even better. i might have to hit you up for a carepackage swap and for one of those i’ll get some chia seeds over the pond to you!

  5. I’m with Shannon — never found a bar with more than 80% that was palatable. Then again, whenever I see the exhorbitant costs of really good quality chocolate, all I can think about is how many really great coffee beans can be purchased for the same amount.
    (Don’t get me wrong — I have no problem with paying for quality; I just *really* love best-quality coffee over best-quality anything else!)

  6. I never make polenta. I should..its good. Smoked tea infused tofu sounds amazing! Dark chocolate…mmmmmmmmmmmm
    post a baby pic!!! PLLLEEEAAAZZEEE

  7. Soapy chocolate is no good. I’ve never tried a 100% chocolate bar that wasn’t solely made for baking, so I’m guessing the thinness of one that is meant for eating would make it far easier to enjoy. The thick 100% cocoa one made me want to hurl.

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