Vegan baby shoes!

Today’s post is not about food. Today is F.s birthday. She turned 1. I will spare you a long post about how awesome she is (even though she really is!) and how I cannot believe how fast this year passed (even though it really did) and about how I still cannot believe that we really did all this by ourselves. We learned how to be parents and we didn’t brake our baby! Anyway, F. has accomplished and learned so much throughout this year. And she did this all by herself, too.  She can crawl very fast. She can eat with her hands. (Favourite foods: bread, avocado, rice, chickpeas, soy yoghurt.) She can show us what she wants by pointing with her index finger and saying “am”. (This probably means “haben” = have). She claps when she learns something new. (She just learned how to climb the stairs. After her first round she clapped!) She waves at everyone. She can make enormous bubbles with her saliva. She can pull herself up and stand. She’s just getting her third tooth. And she just started daycare. Since winter is around the corner, she needed a couple of new things so she can explore the playground even when it’s cold. One of these things are shoes. She cannot walk yet, and while letting her play with only socks on her feet is still a great idea in September, in October that will probably lead to ice cold feet and a runny nose.

I know that it’s very hard to find good quality vegan shoes for kids here in Germany. Especially when they do walk, they need shoes that do support their feet and it’s a pain in the butt to find vegan ones. But when they learn to walk, they need something soft and flexible, so they know what they are doing with their feet. We have special socks for that, but they are only suitable for walking inside, at least during the winter months. We asked other parents and searched the stores for shoes. A lot of people recommended leather slipper, which are available everywhere. (Even the health food store carries them.) I thought that it couldn’t be too difficult to find a vegan version of these, but it turned out it was. At least here in Dresden.

I went over to Etsy and immediately found the shop littlehouseofcolors. Lauren O. has a wonderful collection of adorable baby shoes made from cotton, faux suede and fleece. They were exactly what we were looking for. We looked at them and I have to admit that it was very, very hard to choose a pair. I could probably have bought 10. But since F.s feet grow so fast, it’s probably better to buy another pair once she has outgrown these. (And I will for sure do that.)

They do fit perfectly and F has no problem crawling and standing with them. What a great coincidence that they arrived today, on her birthday. They came with a cute little card and F. had a lot of fun opening the package. And of course wearing them.

Happy birthday, F.!

23 thoughts on “Vegan baby shoes!

  1. Aww, time flies! Those are cute shoes. If you want, I can ask my friends in Wien if they have shoe advice. Their boy is 2 now.

  2. Those are the most adorable little baby feet (and shoes)!! Happy Birthday F! Time flies by so quick with little ones. My husband and I always heard that but now we get it as Mac keeps getting so much more grown up every day!

  3. Happy birthday to little F! And those shoes are adorable — vegan baby shoes weren’t super easy to find for N, and then when we did . . . she preferred being barefoot!

  4. What cute shoes! Thank you for sharing that, I bookmarked the shop and already have a favourite, though they might only be needed in a few months.
    Even the shipping costs to Germany are quite nice :-)
    Happy birthday to F.!

  5. F sounds like a very clever bub and I am not surprised that she is awesome, Mihl! Her little shows are adorable, I love the elephant print :D Happy birthday little F! xox

  6. Happy birthday, F.!
    Thank you so much for posting this, Mihl. The shoes are adorable. They will suit my two months old niece perfectly! (I will find it difficult to decide on a pair too – they are all beautiful)

  7. How adorable!!!!!!! It’s nice to see the people wearing the animals won’t be eating or exploiting them. As everyone uses cute elephants to sell stuff, but so depressing when they go to the circus as well!!

  8. Happy birthday F! My little P turned one last month..what a year! I had the same problem with vegan baby shoes too..we ended up with a similar looking shoe custom made by a local mom. I was very excited to have locally made and vegan baby shoes. We recently got her some hardsoled shoes from Keen..very cute little sneakers. I don’t know if you can find them in Germany but if you can, they are worth it!

  9. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Frieda! Time sure does fly, I can’t believe it’s been a year already. Those shoes are so adorable, just like Miss F. herself. ♥

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