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August 2013



Flax-Restaurant and Café v-cake, Dresden

When I went vegan six years ago Dresden had hardly any vegan options. It  is a conservative city and even the liberal neigbourhood we live in was kind of a hopeless place. When we wanted to go out for a decent meal, we had to travel to Leipzig and Berlin. Of course that didn’t happen too often. Over the last couple of years a lot has changed. I don’t want to say we are the vegan food capital of Germany now (that is still Berlin) and we also don’t have places which serve fancy vegan food (like Zest restaurant in Leipzig, for example). But there are a few nice vegan options that I want to introduce to you in a couple of posts. We have two vegan restaurants, called Falscher Hase and Flax . Flax is pretty new and run by Chloé Vincent from New Zealand. Like the other places I am going to present here, it is situated in the Neustadt neighbourhood. (Schönfelder Straße 2).

flax schönfelder straßeThe menu is comparatively small, but they have changing sweet and savoury daily specials. We have been there a couple of times now and really liked everything we had. We’ve even been there for breakfast once, but their opening hours have changed and I am not sure if they still offer this option. Make sure to check out their facebook page (linked above) for opening hours. The prices are great and the service is very nice.

This time we ordered the Flax burger, which was made with a tofu patty, fresh vegetables, homemade mayo, and arugula pesto. It came with oven baked potatoes, more mayo, and a salad on the side. I like this burger very much, especially because I thought that the pesto was a great idea. And the homemade mayo is the best I ever had!

P. chose quinoa sushi and oven baked potatoes with mayo. It all came on the same plate so he got to eat potatoes with chopsticks!

Another great place is the recently opened first vegan café in Dresden, the Café v-cake, located at Rothenburger Straße 14. This place offers a variety of foods, you can get cakes and other desserts, müesli, soft serve, but also savoury stuff for lunch and dinner: soups, salads, sandwiches, and other options. We love that this place is large and has board games and books in a children’s play area. That means we can enjoy our food while our daughter has fun taking apart the board games. This time we had some soft serve ice cream and Maulwurfkuchen (mole cake – a chocolate streusel cake with banana and cream filling).

vcake restaurant dresden

You can usually choose from three cakes, the menu is always different. We have seen cheese cakes, cream cakes and fruit cakes. The sandwiches are great, too and they are made like sandwiches are traditionally made in Germany: whole grain bread, vegan butter, vegan cheese, some herbs. I have to say that I sometimes have really missed this kind of sandwich since going vegan. And since I almost never buy vegan cheese, I am glad they have a decent Butterbrot at v-cake. Of course you can also choose from several cold and warm beverages, too. Last time P. had a matcha latte. Another great thing is that you can decide what kind of non-dairy milk you want. I think they have soy, hazelnut, almond, and probably some more. Check the facebook page for opening hours and a glimpse at the cake options. I am very glad that we now have an 100% vegan café in Dresden-Neustadt! That is really a great gain.

I can recommend both the Flax and the v-cake but there are many more vegan options in Dresden-Neustadt. I’ll write more about them in my next posts.



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