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August 2013



Vegan Month of Food 2013 – Dessert Edition!

Classic German Desserts

Classic German Desserts

September starts in less than two weeks! That is exiting because this year September is the Vegan Month of Food. Until last year I took part every single year since 2007. Last year I skipped because honestly, all I could have written about would have been puréed baby food. For this year I am prepared and I hope everyone else is, too: For 30 days of awesome vegan recipes, stories, and contributions from bloggers who live in many parts of the world. On this blog you should also be prepared for a month of sugar and fat overload. Yep, that’s right.

I am still not committed to a super to a super healthy lifestyle and in the name of VeganMoFo and all fellow sugar lovers I want to dedicate this September to Classic German Desserts! I am going to try to veganise (more or less) traditional cake, cookie, and pastry recipes, starting with a as in Apfelkuchen and ending with z as in Zitronenkuchen or Zimtsterne. I already made a list of desserts I want to make. But if you have suggestions for German desserts that you would like to see here during September, please leave a comment!

My list will be very subjective, of course, including some local specialities not everyone might be familiar with. Since this is a very time consuming and elaborate challenge, I decided not to come up with my own recipes for this month. Instead I will be veganising recipes that can be found on websites like Dr. Oetker or Küchengötter. I’ll try to explain substitutes and alternative methods, so that new vegans or those new to baking and vegan baking might find the posts helpful. Since not even I (we) can probably eat that amount of cake, I’ll try to come up with many halved recipes, mini-versions and desserts which freeze easily.

Well, that is what I’ll be doing for veganMoFo.  Are you also participating?



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