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September 2013



Ochsenaugen without a recipe


Classic German Desserts

This had to happen. Today I do not have a recipe for you. I tried to make a vegan version of a pastry called Ochsenaugen (Ox eyes) and I failed. Like Leipziger Lerchen, Mandelhörnchen and other baked goods, these are made with a mixture of marzipan and egg whites. You pipe the marzipan egg white mixture on top of a shortbread cookie, place some jam in the middle (the eyes) and bake them. During baking the piped marzipan should keep its form and look like this. Mine looked like this:Ochsenaugen

They tasted absolutely great but I am not satisfied with their shape. I need to think about better binders for the topping: I used starch. Maybe chickpea flour and/or flax would work better as a stabiliser.

I think these are a great example of how veganising recipes can sometimes be very hit-and-miss. So many recipes work great if you just use the vegan equivalent of an animal product. And sometimes you need to deconstruct the recipe and come up with your own recipe and your own ingredients. For some animal products and some of their functions in baked goods it is hard to find a good equivalent. I don’t think that this is a bad thing. I love experimenting and there are so many different ingredients and techniques that can work here. And I’m sure I can come up with something that keeps its shape.

I made the decision to carry on with my theme after the Vegan Month of Food so there should be plenty of time to revise this recipe!



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