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June 2014



(A Belated) Vegan Wednesday No.93

berry and hazelnut smoothie |

Yesterday morning before work I uploaded the pictures for this blog post and was very determined to finish it in the evening. But you know how things like that often go! After work I picked up F, we ran a couple of errands, hung out in our favourite new restaurant (review follows soon!) to eat Bamyeh (rice and okra in tomato sauce) and then the day was over. So this morning I am doing the rest of the post to show you another day of vegan food for the Vegan Wednesday. The smoothie above was not my breakfast but a snack. It’s made with soy milk, hazelnut butter, fresh blueberries, and strawberries. I am so glad it’s finally berry season!

breakfast |

I had to improvise my breakfast because I had run out of oats. Which is nearly as bad as running out of coffee! Fortunately I found some slices of toast in the freezer. I ate it with hummus and fresh basil. And yes, I ate breakfast by myself. We have to get up so early that nobody feels like eating something at that time of the day except for P. F. gets her breakfast at daycare and I have given up on making her eat something before she leaves with P. On most days she’ll just refuse.

rice & beans |

Lunch was improvised, too and this is what I do on most days. A couple of vegetables, rice, beans, and we’re good to go!

pizza |

Dinner was some leftover pizza from the day before. We topped it with store-bought tofu bolognese, fried tempeh, fresh cherry tomatoes, onions, garlic and some basil.

What did you eat?



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