VeganMofo Breakfast Edition

Rise and Shine: Breakfast MoFo Edition |

I was quite sure I wanted to take part in the Vegan Month of Food again. It’s the most exhausting part of the year for us vegan bloggers. But it’s also the most exiting. Like good old times when reading and writing blogs wasn’t outdated yet. Last year I quit halfway through, I couldn’t keep up with my ambitious German Desserts II theme. This year I wanted to do something else, but I didn’t know what. But someone at the MoFo headquarters must have read my mind. For this year they made new guidelines and came up with a list of 30 themes, one for each day of September. I absolutely love this idea, it’s great to have some help and inspiration! I am also looking forward to what other people come up with for these themes. I still consider my blogging about German food at this kind of the year as a tradition, so I will try to loosely stick with it as well.

But now let’s get started! This is today’s theme:

Rise and Shine: Breakfast MoFo Edition |

When people ask me about my vegan diet, they don’t ask me, “Where do you get your protein?” They ask me “What do you eat for breakfast?” instead. In Germany breakfast is important, but it’s also the meal most people try not to put too much work into. So the main component of a German breakfast is bread. People eat Schnitte, Butterbrot or Brötchen. Butterbrot is a concept that most of you probably know from the Muppet Show, where it’s called smörrebröd. Schnitte is a noun derived from the verb schneiden, which means “to cut”. It refers to bread slices. Brötchen are like rolls. You spread them with butter and then decide if you want jam, cheese, or cold cuts on top. You see the problem there? If you’re vegan all you can put on your brötchen is plain jam. Or at least that’s what people think and that is why they throw me a commiserationg look and ask me about my breakfast. Which is weird, because by now there are tons of vegan spreads, cheeses, and cold cuts available. There’s lots of variety, but most of these foods can also be a bit costly. A much cheaper way to eat breakfast is müsli. And that is what I am having almost every single day. Germans don’t bother with cooking oats or pre-soaking them or whatever you can do to increase preparation time. We simply pour some milk and eat. (I swear there is soymilk in that bowl. It just got soaked up while I took the picture.) I usually add flax seeds or some other seeds like pumpkin or sunflower and one or two fruits. But much more importantly, I’ll have a coffee first thing in the morning. Otherwise I’m not even able to find the fridge.

Rise and Shine: Breakfast MoFo Edition |

20 thoughts on “VeganMofo Breakfast Edition

  1. I am also very happy with the themed daily posts, it has made it so much less stressful for me this year. :)
    I love museli, though I tend to prefer it as an afternoon snack rather than breakfast, but I will certainly museli for breakfast as well. Those cherries look divine.

    1. Yes, for me too!
      I sometimes eat muesly in the afternoon or evening, especially when I am lazy or don’t feel like cooking. Super fast, delicious and filling.

  2. Really looking forward to your MoFo posts again! I don’t think I’ve ever had plain oats with soy milk. I’ll sprinkle some over my soy yoghurt every once in a while, but even then I’ll add lots of raisins and nuts/seeds. Yours looks super delicious with those pears and cherries though — I’ll have to give it a try too. :)

  3. Great pictures!
    I’m skipping this year’s edition, but I keep on blogging and will pick up some ideas!
    For breakfast, I like overnight oats, a slice of bread with peanut butter and banana or, in weekends, cinnamon rolls!

  4. That espresso! So beautiful next to the cherries. I totally forgot to mention in my post -coffee. I just focused on my oats but I’m the same way -coffee happens first before all else once I’m awake. I make a pour over at home but if I’m at a coffee shop that can pull a nice espresso I will drink that every time :)

  5. I’ve never tried not cooking oats before, except for overnight oats which soaks up a tonne of liquid. I’ll have to give it a try! :)

  6. It will be interesting to see how the theme of mofo goes this year – we always had bread with butter and toppings but my 6 year old had never embraced butter or margarine so I have got more used to not having any sort of butter on bread – I love your photos of your breakfast – sounds great

  7. Freu mich schon wieder auf wunderschöne Fotos von dir! Ich liebe auch Müsli, nehme ich jeden Tag mit zur Arbeit. Und etwas abwechslungsreicheres als Müsli gibt’s doch gar nicht, da kann man so herrlich variieren. Da finde ich das Frühstück der Allesesser, das nur zwischen Brötchen mit Salami und Brötchen mit Schinken wechselt aber viel langweiliger ;-)
    Bin schon gespannt auf die nächsten Tage!
    LG Heike

  8. Liebe Mihl,

    deine Bilder sind einmal mehr die absolute Wucht!
    Der diesjährige Vegan MoFo spricht mich total an – aber leider, leider werde ich aufgrund fehlenden Internets (zumindest ist es nicht durchgängig vorhanden) nur das ein oder andere mal beim Vegan MoFo etwas nachkochen, was zu einem der genannten Themen passt :)

    Deinen Blog werde ich weiterhin konsultieren, um mir Anregungen zu holen – du machst es einem aber auch wirklich leicht, hier fündig zu werden ;)

    Alles Liebe
    Frau Schulz

    1. Wir sind gerade im Urlaub und ich danke WordPress für die tolle Planungsfunktion! Mir fehlt nämlich gerdade auch oft eine Internetverbindung bzw. habe ich keine Lust meinen Urlaub in diesem zu verbringen. Dadurch verpasse ich aber natürlich gerade, was alle anderen Blogger_innen so machen.

  9. i’ve been having muesli or smoothies for breakfast most of the summer. I find it’s working really well as it fills me up until lunch time (or else i have a piece of toast with hummus and tomatoes for morning tea). Great way to enjoy summer fruits :)

  10. Those cherries, pears, and espresso look amazing. I am not so sure about the dry oats… I prefer mine baked first, then covered with soy milk. I will have to try it that way soon, before I decide that it is not for me. Thanks for the idea!

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