Haferflockenmuffins mit roten Johannisbeeren

Als Grundlage diente ein einfaches Blaubeermuffinrezept von dieser Seite.

muffins mit roten Johannisbeeren (ergibt 12 Muffins)
in einer Schüssel mischen:
140g Dinkelvollkornmehl
100g Haferflocken

100g  Zucker
1 EL Backpulver
1 EL gemahlene Leinsamen
1/4 TL Salz

in einer zweiten Schüssel mischen:
3 EL Öl
3 EL Apfelmus
240 ml Sojamilch
Zu den trockenen Zutaten geben und gut mischen

vorsichtig unterheben:
120g rote Johannisbeeren
Muffinblech gut einfetten. Muffins bei 180°C ca. 17 – 20 Minuten backen.



  • Selina
    11 Jahren ago

    those muffins look mighty delicious!!!

    I love the SpongEbob Bowl your GaZpacho is served in! :)

  • Mihl
    11 Jahren ago

    Currants are very common in Germany. In summer you can buy them in every supermarket and a lot of people have black or red currant bushes in their gardens.They are used for cakes and for jams and jellies. Children don’t like them that much because especially red currants are very sour.

  • stonielove
    11 Jahren ago

    oh those are *so* pretty! i miss fresh currants… my mom has a currant bush in her backyard… next time i go shopping i’m gonna look for them! thank you for sharing such a beautiful goodie!

  • KleoPatra
    11 Jahren ago

    Currants!! Wow, i never see anyone using currants, i love that you used them in these. They are gorgeous! Such a nice photo, too. So yummy. Bake away, don’t stop!!

  • Vegan_Noodle
    11 Jahren ago

    Hmmm, thanks for the tip, I never even thought about that! The muffins look beautiful, especially with the currants on top…don’t think I’ve ever had a currant. I will have to check and see if they have them here!

  • Celine
    11 Jahren ago

    oh. my. word. *faints*

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