Gomba Paprikás (Pilze in Paprikasauce)

Eigentlich wird dieses Rezept mit saurer Sahne gemacht, die ich durch eine sehr leckere selbstgemachte Sauce mit Sojamilch und Sonnenblumenkernen ersetzt habe. Das namensgebende Paprikapulver durfte dabei natürlich nicht fehlen.

Gomba Paprikás (2 Portionen)

1 TL Öl
200 g frische Champignons, gewürfelt
1 kleine Zwiebel, gewürfelt

180 ml Sojamilch, ungesüßt
2 EL Sonnenblumenkerne
1 EL Speisestärke
2 TL süßes Paprikapulver
Saft einer halben kleinen Zitrone
1 TL Agavensirup oder Zucker
Salz/Pfeffer nach Belieben

1/2 TL getrockneter Dill
1 EL frisch gehackte Petersilie

Gekochte Nudeln (vorzugsweise Spätzle) für zwei Personen

Öl in einer großen Pfanne erhitzen. Zwiebel hinzufügen und 2-3 Minuten auf höchster Stufe anbraten. Hitze reduzieren und Pilze hinzugeben. 5-7 Minuten bräunen.

In der Zwischenzeit die Sauce zubereiten: Sonnenblumenkerne und 2-3 EL Sojamilch im Universalzerkleinerer zu einer glatten Masse verarbeiten. Restliche Zutaten dazugeben und pürieren. Zu den Pilzen geben und etwas einkochen lassen. Die Sauce sollte eine cremige Konsistenz haben. Dill und Petersilie unterrühren sowie mit Salz und Pfeffer abschmecken. Mit Nudeln sofort servieren.

42 thoughts on “Gomba Paprikás (Pilze in Paprikasauce)

  1. Hi Mihl,
    I am Hungarian, we basically do the same trick with all the veggies that we can do with meat as a pörkölt. Pörkölt is the onion base with paprika and it means that it is browned or roasted. My favorite one is the squash stew which is tökfőzelék in Hungarian. I have to say that after you brown the onion and garlic with paprika you can pretty much throw in any veggies that you like, just have to adjust the sauce with some water, and in the end put in the „sourcream“ with the flour. Great blog and loads of inspiration Mihl,

  2. Hey I’m from Hungary, and i was quite surprised to see this recipe here, though i have to say its rather unorthodox (from the original one) :D but im glad you’re spreading the well-deserved name of hungarian cuisine.

  3. I always wondered what to buy when a recipe calls for „Hungarian paprika“. Is it „Paprika edelsüß“ or is there something else?

  4. this was wonderful! we made it with rice milk, and forgot the sweetener, but still amazing. we served it over homemade chickpea cutlets, with mashed potatoes and salad. thank you!

  5. Interesting! I’ll have to try this, as I have absolutely no idea what paprika tastes like – I’ve used it in things, but I was sortof of the opinion that it’s main flavour was ‚red‘. I’m intrigued! -Eve

  6. what a beautiful dish, Mihl! i don’t recall ever having a hungarian dish before – i’m gonna have to start with your gomba paprikas! it looks to tasty not to try. yum! soy milk, sunflower seeds, and cornstarch for vegan sourcream, you say?! i’m all about that, too. yay! have an amazingly fun weekend, Sal!

    1. sorry, Mihl – i called you Sal at the end there. i’m gonna blame the glass of red wine i’m drinking while reading awesome blog posts! tee hee!

  7. Oh, this looks blessèd :D Kinda like dark alfredo sauce. The fact that it uses ingredients that most people have on hand already is very welcoming. Great job, and I always love to read the detailed background of your dishes. All the best :)

  8. That looks wonderful. I’m going to print it off and give it a try. I’m going GF for a little bit, so I may put it over rice instead of spaetzel. I know, not authentic, but I don’t think I can resist that sauce!!

  9. This looks fantastic, and I’ve been meaning to try my hand at making spatzle for awhile so this might be the perfect chance for a challenge. The sauce sounds so warm and creamy–perfect for winter!

  10. A friend of mine is from Hungary and her grandmother used to make Chicken Paprikash all the time–this looks so similar! I used to love it–now I can have yours instead!

  11. That looks so good mihl! I`m going to try this, for sure. The german grandma from my grandma lived in Hungary for some years, so my grandma always makes Goulash..but I have always hated it..
    But myshrooms and paprika are a big love in my life!
    I always make spätlze at home, my father loves it.

  12. One more sauce to add to my repertoire! You know how sometimes you feel like whipping up something different, but you’re not quite sure what – this sounds like a perfect answer. Yay for new and interesting options!

  13. I just printed this out – it sounds wonderful. (There’s a recipe for spätzle in the Urban Vegan cookbook but I think I’ll just use a thick udon noodle. Not the right origin, I know.)

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