(English) Restaurant, Cookbook, and Tester Eats

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

27 thoughts on “(English) Restaurant, Cookbook, and Tester Eats

  1. Okay I don’t know where to start, slobber is running down my chin! I know sounds gross but this all looks so mouth watering and delcious!!! I have yet to test out the bread recipe, yours came out really good looking.
    That ice cream cake…wow!

  2. Delightful pics of your wonderful meal! And your loaf of bread is so perfect… perhaps the combination of a warm house and a fresh loaf of bread will lead to a picnic!

  3. Haha I love that you use the oven when its already deathly hot. Im too much of a wimp to go that route as of lately :) Oh and that blackened seitan, yes please!

  4. I’m from Prague and its damn hot here too :( the forecast for this weekend is 35 degrees bleah. Can’t cook or bake or even eat (well the last one is actually good as I eat way too much but for me food is something I look forward to so no food = no fun ;o))
    That lemon rosemary ice cream cake looks divine and so do your waffles.

  5. its way too hot here too, Mihl – and i’m with you in that there’s not much worse than high temperatures. i’ve always had this theory: you can fix cold (put on a sweater, run around a little, make a cuppa tea), but you can’t always fix hot (for example – one could be totally naked and still sweating like crazy.). i can’t stand the heat – it’s just too much for me. ugh. Joni & Celine’s sweet wheat ’n rye loaf sounds wonderful – it’s times like these i wish i wasn‘ gluten-free. that kicks booty that Zest changes up their menu that often – i’m so jealousfaced. tee hee! everything looks wonderful – i love their presentation, and that rosemary lemon ice cream cake?!?! zomg, mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  6. Lemon rosemary, what a creative flavor pairing for an ice cream cake! That’s quite inspiring… and I like that it’s made with real cake, unlike so many disappointing renditions that only have cookie crumbs or something else insubstantial like that.

  7. Lots of yummy food! Well, yea. The tofu and marzipan is quite strange! :D

    The bread looks lovely, definitely worth the extra heat from the oven. I can’t believe Celine and Joni are already working on another cookbook and I still don’t have their first one!

    Hang in there with the heat, and eat lots of ice cream! :)

  8. I hear you on the heat! It went up to 34C in my house yesterday – and it might be just as hot right now, but there’s no way I’m leaving the basement to go and see how bad it is upstairs! :)

    Everything you made and/or ate looks so good! And now I’m craving waffles topped with ice cream… Though I probably wouldn’t have come up with such an idea as marzipan crusted tofu, seeing it on a menu I would have been intrigued enough to want to give it a try.

  9. Everything looks amazing and you definitely have my sympathies for the heat. It is brutal over here and the weather makes me SO grumpy. Seriously, if I just walk out of this house I start scowling. October can’t come soon enough!

  10. Marzipan crusted tofu? That’s interesting.
    Your waffles look so pretty! too bad about your cornmeal, though :( And I’ve been complaining about the weather a lot, too. That ice cream cake looks perfect to me right now…

  11. I love that you complain about the weather- i can relate since being a Brit, as you know, we are famous for it. When I’m baking or cooking in this weather I have to throw all the windows of our flat wide open. It’s horribly muggy at the moment.

    I love that the restaurant you visited has a new menu every month. We have a vegetarian restaurant in Bristol that may do that, but for some reason, I haven’t been to it! x

  12. OH Mihl! You are a sister of my heart! I just did my „heat“ complaint–AGAIN! Now I don’t feel quite as badly! Your eating options amaze me–why can’t we get that kind of food here in the Midwest–will I have to open a restaurant?! That bread looks delish!

  13. That restaurant looks too good to be true. I’d go there at least once a month … or more. Today is the first day I can remember waking up to sunshine — summer has finally begun! It’s supposed to go near 90˚F by the end of the week and I can’t wait. I’ll probably complain eventually, but give me some heat, already!

  14. Well, I just put on a pair of socks and a cardigan, here in Sunny (not!) Scotland. It’s raining, too… :(

    I’d LOVE to have a vegan restaurant where they changed the menu every month! The ones we have here tend to have the same stuff all the time and if, like us, you then go home and make your own version of your favourites, it means that eating out isn’t too exciting or different (apart from not having to wash the dishes!)

    I can’t believe how good that food looks! I think maybe the icecream cake is my favourite… Oh, my!

    That bread looks very nice, too. Just right for picnic sandwiches…

  15. That meal looks absolutely amazing. And lemon rosemary ice cream cake…what a perfect ending. It is sweltering here in NY too, thank goodness for vegan ice cream!

  16. I hear you. We’re sweltering in Toronto too. That lemon rosemary ice cream sounds lovely. I hope the heat relents soon because I love all your bread baking photos.

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