Vegane Frikadellen

Diese Frikadellen sind auch zum Grillen sehr gut geeignet und schmecken auch kalt. Es handelt sich um eine Basis-Version, die man nach Geschmack mit verschiedenen Gewürzen noch verfeinern kann.

Frikadellen (für 8 Stück)

30 g Soja Schnetzel
120 ml heiße Gemüsebrühe
ca. 80 g altbackenes Brot
1 Zwiebel, fein gewürfelt
150 g Tofu
1 Esslöffel Pfeilwurzmehl oder Speisestärke
2 Esslöffel Kichererbsenmehl oder Sojamehl
1 Esslöffel Sojasauce
1/2 – 1 Esslöffel Liquid Smoke (oder Rauchsalz)
1/2 Esslöffel Jerk Sauce oder Worcestersauce
1 Teelöffel Paprikapulver
1 Teelöffel Kräuter der Provence oder 1 Esslöffel frische Petersilie
Salz und Pfeffer zum Abschmecken
Öl zum Anbraten

Sojaschnetzel in Gemüsebrühe einweichen. Brot in Wasser einweichen und ausdrücken. Sojaschnetzel, Brot und Zwiebel in eine Schüssel geben und gut vermischen. Dabei das Brot möglichst fein zerdrücken. Tofu hineinkrümeln, restliche Zutaten dazugeben und gut vermischen. Acht Frikadellen formen und in Öl anbraten. Ich habe sie nur in einem Teelöffel Öl, langsam und bei mittlerer Hitze gebraten. Wenn man sie schön braun und knusprig möchte, sollten es schon 3-4 Esslöffel sein.

28 thoughts on “Vegane Frikadellen

  1. Ooooh I love vegan meat, and beef patties sound perfect. Your blog makes me drool like none other. Seriously, I love everything you make. Want to move to Saudi and cook for me everyday? Please!?!

  2. These we SO good! A much healthier version of a burger but a tasty equivalent! I put some avocado on them and some vegan slaw and they flew off the platter. There we absolutely no leftovers! I did add a little extra something to the burger mix though – chickpeas. I had these Chunky Chickpeas lying around from Tasty Bite, which are seasoned and I tend to throw them on everything. I thought they’d give the burger an interesting texture. The combination turned out great and the flavors and textures seemed to accent each other very well. I definitely recommend trying this as well as checking out the rest of Tasty Bite’s line – they have tons of vegan options! Thanks for the great recipe and bon appetit!

  3. Oooh, these look scrumptious! Where did you find vegan Worcestershire sauce in Germany? I’ve seen some that might have been but the ingredient lists were loooooong.

    I really want to try all of your recipes!

  4. Mmm…I can’t wait to try this! My partner (non-veggie) has brought home Frikadellen from the grocery and I was intrigued, but of course couldn’t try it. Now I can! (I also *love* the name — it sounds like something one would do on the dance floor — gettin‘ all frikadellen on some guy/girl or something.)

  5. Mmmm, lekker! I just got some TVP so I will have to give these a whirl!

    PS- do you have any idea whether one can find vital wheat gluten flour in Germany? What would it be called?

  6. As you may know, I’m on the quest for the perfect veggie burger. These sound very good, though I don’t usually cook with TVP as it is quite processed. However, I do actually like TVP and have a bit in my cupboard for when I’m in the mood for spaghetti „bolognaise“. I love the spices you’ve used here – how well do these burgers hold together? Do you think silken tofu would work?

    1. They hold together pretty well because of the bread and the tofu. You can try to use silken tofu but I don’t think it works as well as regular firm tofu.

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