Linguine mit Basilikum-Petersilien-Pesto

Unsere Obermieterin hat in der Nähe einen riesigen Garten. Oft hängt sie uns ein bisschen Gemüse an die Tür. Diesmal gabs ungefähr zwanzig rote Beete und einen Haufen krause Petersilie. Das meiste davon landete gehackt im Gefrierfach. Aus dem Rest haben wir ein Pesto gemacht, dessen Rezept ein wenig von der klassischen Genovese-Variante abweicht, das aber mindestens genauso gut schmeckt.

Basilikum-Petersilien-Pesto (3-4 Portionen)

30 g Petersilie
30 g Basilikum
1-2 Knoblauchzehen
35 g geröstete Pistazien
35 g geröstete Cashewnüsse
120 ml gutes Olivenöl
4 EL Hefeflocken
1/4 TL abgeriebene Limettenschale
Salz nach Belieben

Petersilie, Basilikum und Knoblauch in der Küchenmaschine fein hacken (oder per Hand). Alle anderen Zutaten dazugeben und pürieren. Eventuell mit einem Esslöffel Wasser verdünnen. Wenn man keine Küchenmaschine hat, kann man auch einen Pürierstab nehmen.

Linguine kochen (ca. 60 g pro Portion) und das Pesto daruntermischen. Mit Cashews und Petersilie garnieren.

Ich hatte noch ein paar Pistazien übrig. Glücklicherweise hatten Chris und Harald von vegalicious vor ein paar Tagen genau das richtige Rezept parat: Pistachio Eggplant Spread. Sehr lecker!

28 thoughts on “Linguine mit Basilikum-Petersilien-Pesto

  1. i think the half parsley, half basil was a good choice. it might be too parsley-bitter without? i don’t know, but i think i would have done the same.

    omg – thank you for sharing the link to the eggplant-pistachio spread. that looks amazing and i have an eggplant to use right now. heading off to the kitchen!

  2. Linguini with pesto – one of my favorites! I bet the cashews are terrific with it. I always thought of pesto as being exclusive to basil and pine nuts. Thanks for broadening my view!

  3. So funny, I was going to make a vegan pesto almost exactly like this for my own blog this weekend. Yours looks so good that I don’t think I can’t improve on it!

  4. squeeeeeeeeee! pesto with parsley, pistachios, and cashews sounds wonderful, Mihl! we usually have everything on hand but the pistachios – i’m gonna have to pick some up and make this with the last of our summer’s basil. w00t! totally gonna check out the pistachio-eggplant spread as well. yummers all around!

  5. I make pesto from just about every combination of herbs, greens, nuts, seeds, and citrus you can think of…but it never crossed my mind to use pistachios. This looks delicious! I’ll have to give it a try.

  6. Beautifully green! I love that you used pistachios which makes the pesto extra green! :)

    I do indeedy eat a bun for breakfast every morning. Probably not the most tratidional, but cereal floating in milk is not my idea of a tasty breakfast! :D

  7. Yum! I just made this.. I was inspired by how brilliantly green it was and of course, how delicious the cashews and pistachios sounded.

    You are such a genius. Seriously! Hooray for pesto!

  8. The pesto sounds really good with two types of nuts and basil and parsley. I enjoy pistachios, but I’ve never put them to use as much as I see you doing, but I think I should try to use them more. This looks delicious!

  9. I have two basil plants and one parsley on my kitchen window, but I’m traveling to visit my parents soon, and there won’t be anyone to water them for a week or two. I was thinking that I should try to make some pesto to use them up before I go – your post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! :)

  10. The pesto looks delicious! I enjoy the flavor of parsley, too, but I agree, an all-parsley pesto may have been too overwhelming. I also like that you used pistachios and cashews; they seem like a wonderful alternative to pine nuts.

  11. I love the idea of half parsley half basil, and the substitution of pistachios and cashews is a great idea. Not only are pine nuts so expensive, it’s hard to get really fresh ones, and they always taste a little „off“ to me.

  12. That sounds so good right now. I have been making pesto quite a bit lately. It’s funny, years ago I wasn’t a big fan but now I am crazy about it. Your version with pistachios and cashews sounds delicious!

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