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by Constanze

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Hi, my is Constanze,  welcome to my blog!

I founded Seitan Is My Motor in 2007 when I went vegan. I love Cake and I love cake. And while seitan is not exactly my motor, all baked goods definitely are.I love experiment with new ingredients, try out new recipes and techniques, and explore new cuisines. I don’t want to bore you with another traditional cinnamon bun or my latest classic chocolate chip cookie. I always try to put a new spin  on my recipes. Experimenting is something I learned through veganism. When I started it, this was the way you did it. There were almost no vegan places to go to and not many people know how to bake vegan at all. I post a savoury recipe once in a while, but the majority of food you’ll find on this blog is made of sugar, fat, and flour. I also like to veganise German foods. Check out my recipe index to find out more.

I was born in the North of Germany but today I live in Dresden, Saxony together with my with my vegetarian family. I am vegan for ethical and political reasons. In Germany many people love their meat. We have a huge meat industry, too. But we also have lots of vegetarians. Over the last two years or so, veganism has become popular as well. But for many people it’s often just another fad diet. The most recent method to lose weight.

I am not a health nut. Of course I take my vitamin B 12 and I do eat a balanced diet. But I am a vegan for ethical reasons and I don’t buy into the “clean eating”, no sugar, no gluten, no fat ideology. (I want to make sure I get all the nutrients so I can keep up living as a happy vegan. I don’t want to be someone who had to give up this lifestyle because they didn’t take care of themselves.) When I post a new entry and I receive a comment by a person who tells me that “yes, the food looks delicious, but right now I cannot have gluten, fat, sugar, etc…” it makes me sad. Sometimes these people have their good reasons (like a gluten intolerance, a coconut oil allergy, etc.) but sometimes they might buy into the latest fad.

Fat and sugar free diets aren’t useful for everybody

I have read books about how to live a fat-free vegan diet and I am sure these diets can be helpful for certain people with specific health conditions. But I don’t think they are necessary or useful for me. If I would follow them, they’d probably do more harm then good. I used to be overweight for most of my life and I lost the excess a couple of years ago. Not on a vegan diet though. I was a vegetarian back at that time and my eating habits weren’t the best. I counted calories, I cut out all fat, I cut out all sugar, I followed a lot of restrictions. I followed lots of fad diets. And it led me down a pretty bad road.

A balanced, fearless, and guilt-free diet

Since then I have learned that for me the best way to go is not only a balanced diet but also a fearless diet. I don’t want to avoid certain foods for the rest of my life. (Except for animal products of course.) I want to eat the occasional fast food and cake. I want to drizzle some olive oil onto my pizza or my pasta. I do not make the perfect food choices every day and I do think it is okay. Everyone has to eat and I like to eat. But I don’t want food choices (healthy or unhealthy) to take over my life.

As I said, I do think a balanced diet is important, but I also think it is important not screw it from time to time. To eat a piece of cake with all the oil, all the sugar, and all the white flour. Not to be afraid of it. And please, never ever use the phrase “guilt” related to food. As a woman, being thin and beautiful is what you are supposed to aim for. And these days everybody tells you you’re going to get there effortlessly by cleaning up your diet, by cutting out “bad foods”, by going vegan. I am so tired of this and I don’t want anybody to feel bad for eating a slice of cake. Cake was never meant to be healthy, it was simply made to be enjoyed. And that’s what I am trying to do here. Enjoy my cake. And I hope you do, too.

You can read more about my take on veganism as a new diet trend here. And please read my take on sugar here.

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